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This is what some of my lovely customers have to say about my work…

I gave my daughter the little bear in April for her Birthday and she absolutely adores it. Her grand-mothers could not believe how well made it was and could not stop checking every little item for ages. So thank you so much for all your hard work and for giving us such pleasure. Adam, Ireland

Little Cuddy arrived today and I am just so delighted with her …she is sooo small and sweet . I think she is my favourite so far because she is so small and perfect . I collect miniatures , so small things are my passion …I love the way that you present your little toys, every stage of unwrapping is a delight , and your choice of natural materials is wonderful .  Almost forgot to say thank you for the little dress too , that is really kind of you …. Jill, UK

I’m soooooo in love!!!! He is everything I hoped he would be and more. I hope he won’t mind all the cuddling. Thank you sooo much!!! Nina, Austria

My wife got a little bear with a mini box (I think that’s what it’s called) for our daughter True’s big Christmas gift. I had no idea what she was doing. She wants what…?     From where…?However, when she opened it, we were truly amazed. Such talent and craftsmanship I simply had to let you know. Blown away. All of it. You have a gift.Just a little note – THIS IS RAD! Eric, USA

Cloe arrived today and I am so thrilled with her and all of her accessories. Seeing everything in person and being able to really appreciate the details makes her even more special. She’s even better than I imagined.  I’m going to enjoy ‘playing’ with her. It’s fun being Peter Pan and never growing up. Thank you for creating her and all the effort you put into each piece. Carolyn, USA

Thank you so much, I think I didn’t stop smiling at all when opening all the exciting little packages – it’s so fun to still have that birthday/Christmas feeling at this age! Inna, Findland

I wanted to thank you again for a great day yesterday. I didn’t think that we would learn so much in just a few hours and that I would be able to make whole little pigs from scratch! What you make is truly gorgeous and I think you are a very generous person to share your knowledge with people.I believe now that I can have a go at making anything that takes my fancy. I’ll start with a grey fox and I’ll share a photo with you when it’s finished. Dominique, UK

It was so lovely! You’re a really inspiring teacher and the follow up email is just amazing. Thank you. Angela, UK

Your work is so beautiful, so singular and so soulful. Every detail is quintessential and made with great thought, care, skill and love. When I received my first order, I took photos of every piece of the packaging – the way you wrapped the box with twine and felted cherry, the beautiful wrapping of each separate item and bear – everything was such a delight to open and discover step by step, piece by piece. You are a truly remarkable and unbelievably gifted crafts person. I feel so lucky to have been able to purchase some of your art and hope that I pass them down through my children and their children for many years to come. Michele , USA

Although this is the third time to receive your work, I still deeply impress of your craft talent: all the tiny stitches you sew, dolls making’s technique, even the beautiful linen bags ( I guess you also make the stamp).And the most important thing is that you are the creator, your work is original and you make all your things with heart! Hiu Fung, Hong Kong

I'm so happy this morning to receive the most adorable little elephant! Eliot is absolutely gorgeous I'll love and cherish him forever! Your workmanship is excellent, I love his dear little face and his clothes suit him perfectly. Thank you also for packing him so beautifully, he looked very comfortable in his lovely box, it seems a shame to disturb him... Marilyn, UK